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Vassos Eliades at the Cyprus Cocktail Festival 2023

Featuring The Gardener Gin and El Dorado Demerara Rum


We are pleased to announce the participation of Vassos Eliades in the 4th Cyprus Cocktail Festival, a signature event of the Digital Agenda Cyprus Summit.  This prestigious festival will be held on October 17th at the enchanting Nicosia’s Municipal Garden, starting at 19:00. Vassos Eliades will showcase two of their premium brands, The Gardener Gin and El Dorado Demerara Rum, offering festival-goers a taste of unparalleled excellence.

The Gardener Gin 



The Gardener Gin is an embodiment of the allure and beauty of the French Riviera. This exquisite London Dry Gin captures the essence of the region's light, elegance, and artistic way of life. Conceived and crafted by visionaries Brad Pitt, Famille Perrin, and Tom Nichol, The Gardener Gin represents a dedication to the art of distillation and craftsmanship. It encapsulates the abundance of the French Riviera, with notes of fresh citrus and wild herbs kissed by the Mediterranean sun. The Gardener Gin is not just a drink; it is an experience—an alchemical fusion of nature, intuition, time, and imagination. Inside each of us, there is "a gardener" yearning to savor life's essence.

At the 4th Cyprus Cocktail Festival, The Gardener Gin will be prominently featured at the esteemed Gucci Giardino 25 bar, celebrated for its exceptional drinks. Additionally, festival-goers can indulge in The Gardener Gin at the Notes and Spirits bar, a local favorite in Nicosia, renowned for its exquisite cocktails.

El Dorado Demerara Rum

Crafted on the picturesque shores of Demerara, El Dorado Aged Rum embodies over three centuries of Caribbean rum-making mastery. Upholding the tradition of employing original heritage wooden stills, the artisans behind this extraordinary spirit continually forge new flavor profiles. By allowing time and the unique Demerara climate to work their magic, El Dorado's oak casks nurture the spirit for decades, endowing it with unparalleled depth and perspective. Only when these precious rums mature with age and are artfully blended do they reveal their soul, meant to be cherished and savored.

At the 4th Cyprus Cocktail Festival, El Dorado Demerara Rum will be showcased by The Clumsies, an Athens-based bar renowned for its top ratings, and Mr. Tippler, a Paphos-based bar offering unique and exquisite options.

The Cyprus Cocktail Festival 2023, held in collaboration with Deejay Radio 93.5 and Difford's Guide Greece, has firmly established itself as the premier event of the year in its field. It has received acclaim as one of the 15 best Cocktail Festivals globally, as recognized by the authoritative 'Drinks Feed' guide. The festival is proudly supported by the Municipality of Nicosia and is the ideal convergence of innovation and excellence in mixology.

Main Sponsor: "N-Ice" Papafilipou - Double Reverse Osmosis Crystal Ice Cubes

The festival enjoys steadfast support from JCC and AlfaMega supermarkets, with the esteemed Deputy Ministry of Tourism and Visit Nicosia lending its aegis. As a testament to its significance, the festival is sponsored by the top guide, Wiz Guide. The event's entertainment will be taken over by none other than the island's No. 1 DJ, Deejay Radio 93.5.

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