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Video shows mother with baby assaulted in Larnaca

Police arrest local man after woman from Congo files complaint following attack caught on video


Larnaca police are investigating a complaint from a woman who says she was assaulted by a man in broad daylight, with the alleged incident captured on video and posted on social media.

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According to police, a woman from Congo filed an official complaint on Wednesday evening, saying an unknown male assaulted her around 6:30pm for no reason.

The incident reportedly was captured on video and posted online, showing a Greek Cypriot adult man hitting a woman who was holding a young infant.

Police later said they arrested the 43-year-old man depicted in the video, telling Knews there were no additional details to share with the public as to what had transpired prior to the incident.

But additional reports on state television suggested the male suspect carried out the assault after the female went to discuss with him a used vehicle she had bought from him.

The suspect was seen getting angry and kicking the woman, who had been sitting on the ground, with the perpetrator also shouting “go away” as video footage showed him assaulting another black male.

A Twitter user who posted the video said he was in no mood to endure “verbal abuse from anonymous trolls of the far right.”

“I have seen many fights. I grew up in the same society. But beating up a woman who is holding a baby, this is a first for me,” the user said, adding that what he believed to be racially motivated would be judged in a court of law.

The attorney general’s office posted a tweet in connection with the video, saying the state’s chief law enforcer had contacted police headquarters and got reassurances the incident was being thoroughly investigated.

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