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Weather forecast: Clouds and possibility of showers in the region

Occasional dust and variable conditions Expected, with temperatures below average for the season

Source: CNA

We are currently experiencing weak high pressure in the region, which will result in occasional dust particles floating in the atmosphere.

Let's take a look at the weather forecast for the upcoming days.

Today, expect a mixture of clouds throughout the day, ranging from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. Medium to high clouds will dominate the sky, and there is a possibility of isolated light showers, especially in mountainous areas. The wind will start off as light and variable, around 3 Beaufort, but will shift to a mainly southwest to northwest direction by the afternoon, with a light to moderate strength of 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea conditions will be generally calm, with a slight increase in roughness. As for temperatures, they will reach around 34 degrees Celsius inland, around 30 degrees Celsius on the south and east coasts, around 28 degrees Celsius on the north coast, around 27 degrees Celsius on the west coast, and around 23 degrees Celsius in the higher mountain regions.

Moving on to tonight's weather, you can expect intermittent clouds, most of the high variety. The wind will predominantly blow from the west to northwest directions, occasionally shifting to the northeast, with a light intensity of 3 Beaufort. The sea will remain calm to slightly rough. Temperature-wise, we can expect a drop to around 20 degrees Celsius inland, around 21 degrees Celsius in the southeast, east, and west coasts, around 19 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coast, and around 15 degrees Celsius in the higher mountainous areas.

Looking ahead to Friday, a localized increase in cloud cover might bring isolated rainfall or thunderstorms, primarily in the mountains and inland regions during the afternoon hours. Temperature-wise, Friday will not see any significant changes compared to the previous days.

As we move into Saturday, initially, the weather will be mostly clear. However, as the day progresses, clouds will start to develop, and isolated showers or thunderstorms can be expected, mainly in the mountains and inland areas. Temperatures will drop below the average values for this season.

On Sunday, the weather will start off mainly clear, but as the day goes on, clouds will form, and we can anticipate isolated showers or thunderstorms, primarily in the mountains and inland regions. Temperatures will remain below the average climatic values for this season.

That concludes our weather report for the upcoming days. Stay prepared and enjoy the weekend ahead!

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