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20 June, 2024
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Week of varied weather patterns

Clear skies and mild temperatures


Get ready for a mix of clear skies and occasional clouds today as temperatures climb to a comfortable 20 degrees inland, 21 on both the west and east coasts, reaching a slightly warmer 22 on the remaining coastlines.

If you're in the higher mountains, expect a cooler 10 degrees. The Met Office predicts mostly clear conditions on Tuesday, transitioning to a sky adorned with increasing high clouds on Wednesday. Brace yourself for local rain and isolated thunderstorms on Thursday.

As we dive into today's forecast, clear skies take the spotlight, though the southwest might experience partly cloudy conditions. Winds will play a dance, predominantly from the northeast to southeast, varying from a light to moderate breeze (3 to 4 Beaufort). Keep an eye out for occasional surges, reaching a moderate to strong force (4 to 5 Beaufort) in the east, south, and select northern coastal areas.

Sea conditions mirror the diverse weather, ranging from a little rough in the west and south to a rougher state on the east coast. Temperatures follow suit, rising to a cozy 20 degrees inland, 21 on the west and east coasts, 22 on the rest of the coast, and a brisk 10 degrees in the higher mountains.

Nightfall and beyond

As night descends, expect mostly clear conditions with winds shifting mainly from the northwest to northeast, maintaining a light 3 and locally up to a moderate 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea, although a little rough, won't deter your evening plans.

Temperatures drop, signaling a cool night with around 7 degrees inland, 9 on the north and south-east coast, 11 on the remaining coast, and a chilly 3 degrees in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead

Peeking into Tuesday, clear skies return, but Wednesday introduces a sprinkle of intrigue with increased high clouds. By Thursday, we might encounter local showers and isolated thunderstorms, adding a dramatic touch to the week's weather narrative.

Temperatures, reliable in their consistency, are expected to hover slightly above average climatic values through Thursday. Stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of this week's atmospheric saga!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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