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Fire razes hotel in Ireland slated for asylum seekers

Protests surge over migrant housing


A 19th-century Georgian hotel, earmarked for housing asylum seekers, became the epicenter of a police investigation as flames engulfed the vacant Ross Lake Hotel in Rosscahill.

As reported by Metro UK, prior to the blaze that erupted at 11:35 pm last night, protestors had gathered outside to voice their discontent over the growing migrant population in the area.

Despite years of disuse, plans were underway to accommodate more than 70 asylum seekers in the coming weeks, amplifying tensions surrounding immigration policies.

Fortunately, the fire, which left the building empty at the time, was swiftly extinguished. Today, investigators are poised to conduct a technical examination to pinpoint the cause of the destructive inferno.

This incident unfolds against a backdrop of nationwide protests targeting sites where migrants are housed. Recent turmoil in central Dublin, marked by violent protests and arson attacks following a school stabbing incident, underscores the volatile nature of the ongoing debate.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris attributes the chaos to a 'lunatic hooligan faction,' describing the city as being 'under siege' with torched vehicles, looted shops, and attacks on law enforcement.

A police source commended those who intervened, stating, 'They saved lives by ensuring that man wouldn't pose further harm.' The incident spotlights the broader challenges Ireland faces in navigating the complexities of immigration issues.

[With information sourced from Metro UK]

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