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28 May, 2024
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Week starts off with strong winds and heavy rain

Yellow warning Monday for rain and thunder, strong winds, hailstorms possible


A severe weather alert has been issued for Monday in Cyprus where isolated thunderstorms and possible hailstorms are expected along with daytime strong winds.

Weather officials have issued a yellow warning for Monday starting early morning at 5am through early evening at 7pm, saying isolated showers were expected in the daytime along with hailstorms and strong local winds.

Monday skies will range from cloudy to partly cloudy with daytime highs expected to reach 21 degrees Celsius inland, 19 in coastal areas, while it will be 11 high up in the mountains.

Weather in the following days will remain cloudy, wet, with isolated showers, while temperatures slightly above normal averages are not expected to change through most of the workweek.

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