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24 May, 2024
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What's brewing in the skies?

Cloudy weekend ahead


Here's the scoop for today: expect a mix of clouds and sun, with a possible drizzle in the mountains later.

The winds are doing their thing from the southwest, ranging from gentle to a moderate breeze at 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale.

The sea's feeling a bit lively too. As for temperatures, we're looking at a cozy 20°C inland, around 21°C on the coast, and a cool 11°C up in the peaks.

Now, for the evening plan: skies mostly clear, but keep an eye out for those low-hanging clouds. The southwest winds are keeping it interesting at 3, possibly cranking up to a brisk 4.

Temperatures will be taking a dip – expect around 9°C inland, 11°C on the coast, and a chilly 4°C up high, with a chance of frost making an appearance.

As we roll into the weekend, Saturday's forecast brings a mix of clouds and sun. Sunday takes it up a notch with intermittent clouds and a possibility of some light rain.

But hold onto your hats for Monday – we've got a mix of scattered clouds, a chance of showers, and even a bit of atmospheric dust to spice things up.

Temperature-wise, the weekend keeps things cozy, a bit above the usual scene.

However, come Monday, you might want to grab that extra layer – we're in for a cool-down. Keep an eye on the sky, and I'll keep you posted on the nitty-gritty details.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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