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Arson investigation unfolds in Paphos as police apprehend suspect

Assistant police director of operations provides updates on ongoing probe into vehicle arson targeting public prosecutor


Police in Paphos are actively investigating the recent arson case involving a vehicle owned by a member of the Paphos Police Department, as confirmed by Assistant Police Director of Operations, Michalis Nicolaou.

According to Nicolaou's statement to CNA, a 43-year-old man from Limassol was apprehended at 16:25 yesterday under a court warrant in connection with the arson that took place at 21:45 on Sunday, while the vehicle was parked outside the public prosecutor's residence.

The 43-year-old, however, denies any involvement in the incident that caused extensive damage to the vehicle. The fire was promptly extinguished by the Fire Service, preventing it from spreading to nearby parked vehicles.

Ongoing investigations are now focused on identifying the perpetrators, with particular attention to possible evidence from closed-circuit television recordings. Paphos CID is examining specific cases handled by the public prosecutor in court and individuals either accused in those cases or involved in proceedings for detention orders.

In addition, closed-circuit monitoring of nearby petrol stations continues, and searches have been conducted in the cells of suspects and convicts at the Central Prison. This broader investigation includes recent criminal acts in Paphos against public prosecutors and a police officer.

Assistant Police Operations Director Michalis Nicolaou reported that a large-scale operation led by the Paphos Police intercepted 92 vehicles between 19:00 on Thursday and 02:00 on Friday. This effort resulted in 24 complaints, including possession of burglary tools, and four vehicle seizures.

Nicolaou emphasized that these campaigns will be intensified to uphold law and order and instill a sense of security among citizens. Meetings at the Police in Paphos are ongoing due to the increased criminal activities in the region.

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