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Criminologist urges action against rising organized crime

Professor Andros Kapardis calls for the creation of a task force and re-establishment of the anti-crime council to address the alarming rise in serious criminal activities


In light of the recent escalation in serious crime, Professor Emeritus of Criminology at the University of Cyprus, Andros Kapardis, has urged the state to develop a comprehensive national strategy to tackle organized crime. Kapardis proposed the establishment of a dedicated task force to facilitate the coordination of relevant services, emphasizing the necessity for immediate, medium-term, and long-term measures to address the growing challenges. He particularly highlighted the emergence of a new dimension in criminal activities, involving attacks against representatives of the justice system, which he deemed a worrisome development.

The professor underscored the urgency of re-establishing the anti-crime council, originally formed but non-functional in previous years, as a crucial step in enhancing the country's response to the evolving nature of criminal activities. Kapardis emphasized that the effectiveness of combating organized crime lies in a prompt and well-coordinated effort by the state.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the recent surge in drug trafficking and drug use in Cyprus has contributed to an increase in criminal activities, making it imperative for the state to adopt immediate measures to address the prevailing challenges. Kapardis suggested that solving such cases and ensuring punishment is crucial in sending a deterrent message to potential criminals.

Addressing the issue of cross-border criminal activities, where perpetrators seek refuge in different territories, Kapardis noted that this dynamic has played a catalytic role in the rise of crime. He mentioned the cooperation between criminals on both sides of the divided territories, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive strategy that considers the international nature of criminal operations.

In conclusion, Kapardis stressed the significance of international collaboration, the reconstitution of the anti-crime council, and the establishment of a task force to effectively combat organized crime and enhance the overall security of the state.

[Information from CNA]

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