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Why did Vasilis Palmas resign from the Office of the President?

Vasilis Palmas reveals how he left the government and how Nikos Christodoulides, whom he supports, is faring

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

Former Deputy Minister of State to the President Vasilis Palmas, one of President Nicos Anastasiades' closest associates, is now on Nicos Christodoulides' side. But how did he get from the hill to the camp of Nikos Christodoulides? Why did he choose to back the former Foreign Minister rather than Averof Neophytou? The context of his departure from the presidency was revealed in his full interview in the Sunday "K."

'I was never a member of DISY, and I have no roots in the party'

When asked about his contradictory support for Nikos Christodoulides, Vassilis Palmas stated that he remained in the back to show his respect for the party's procedures, while emphasizing that his decision to support Nikos Christodoulides was known to both Mario Karoyan and the rest of the executives.

When asked why he did not support the ruling party's candidate, who was a personal choice of Nicos Anastasiades, the former Deputy Minister to the President stated that he had never been a member of DISY and had no roots in the DISY party, and that his cooperation was solely related to Nicos Anastasiades. He confirmed that he was never involved in the Synagerimos' internal party affairs, but he did express his appreciation and respect for the party members with whom he worked.

The dilemma posed to him by the President of the Republic, Vasilis Palmas clarified, that he had resigned from the position because he felt it would not be right and proper to continue serving next to the President of the Republic given the possibility of Nikos Christodoulides running as a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. Vasilis Palmas revealed that he confided his concerns to the President, with Nicos Anastasiades telling him that he had two options: either to remain in his position and not get involved in electoral events until the end of his term - as the President desired - or if he doesn't change his mind, he can decide when to submit his resignation.  Palmas chose the latter.

[This article is an excerpt from Kathimerini's Sunday edition and was translated from its Greek original]

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