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03 February, 2023
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Top floors of Athens' Coco-Mat hotel to be demolished

Greece's highest administrative court has given the hotel chain a deadline of 3 months to remove the top 2 floors

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The country’s highest administrative court has given Athens Municipality a deadline of three months to seek the removal of the top two floors of a controversial hotel in the central Athens district of Makriyianni.

Following a public protest campaign by local residents who say the building obstructs the view of the Parthenon, two and a half years ago the Council of State ruled that the building’s construction permit was void as it lacked the necessary permits from the Ministry of Culture.

The 10-floor Coco-Mat Athens BC, which at 33 meters exceeds the maximum building height allowed in the area by 9 meters, has been operating since 2019.

In a fresh ruling, the court’s compliance council said Athens Municipality must take steps to have the two flours removed, saying it will return to the matter on February 14, 2023.


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