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Winter makes dramatic entrance in Cyprus

The first days of winter weather in Cyprus saw strong rains and winds, while on Tuesday lightning strikes resulting in two fires breaking out in the Paphos forest


Winter is officially upon us, with several areas across Cyprus experiencing intense weather phenomena on Tuesday afternoon.

Videos uploaded on local weather enthusiasts’ social media groups depicted winter’s dramatic entrance with strong winds, while two forest fires also broke out following lightning strikes.

The forestry department said Tuesday that lightning strikes resulted in the eruption of two fires in the Paphos state forest. The first broke out at around 2:25pm in the heart of the forest, with the fire being put out by 4pm and before it spread to other parts of the forest. The second fire broke out some five minutes after the first and was similarly quickly extinguished before extensive damage could be caused.

According to the met department’s weather forecast, skies are expected to remain overcast on Wednesday and Thursday, when isolated showers and storms that could feature hail are on the cards. Temperatures are set to reach 24C inland and at coastal areas, and 14C at higher altitudes.

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