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Woman files sexual harassment against boss

Convenience store clerk in Nicosia accuses her boss of making unwanted sexual advances while at work


Police are looking into camera footage from a Nicosia convenience store after a female employee said her male boss made unwanted sexual advances while she was at work.

According to police, a female college student who was said to have been working as a convenience store clerk in Nicosia, filed a complaint on Sunday evening against her 48-year-old male boss, described as a local store owner.

The woman told police her male boss tried to touch her inappropriately, hug her, and kiss her on Sunday around noon inside the convenience store

The suspect allegedly made a series of unwanted advances against his female employee, with the woman telling police he tried to touch her inappropriately, physically embrace her, and kiss her on Sunday around noon.

On Monday morning, police arrested the suspect on multiple charges related to sexual harassment, while a DVR was confiscated. The content recorded in the DVR is believed to contain possible footage of the alleged incident.

On Tuesday, a case was filed with the Nicosia District Court, with the judge ordering the suspect’s release on a €2000 bail while he is also required to report to his local police station multiple times.

The woman is said to be a foreign student attending a local university while her nationality was not disclosed.

Police in Agios Dhometios are investigating the case.

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