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Our very own 'La Isla Bonita'

The photos of Cyprus we loved in 2021

by Nakis Antoniou

Although travel may have re-started in 2021, Cyprus still played a leading role in our lives, if not for another year.  After all, 2020 taught us - even reminded us - that we live on a beautiful island, perfect for road trips, allowing us to feel as if we were on a neverending holiday in a foreign land...truly the envy of many. 

Consequently, we searched, located and selected 10 photos that made us appreciate, once again, our very own 'La Isla Bonita', and here they are in all its glory before year's end.

Coral Bay / Paphos
Photo:  @mr_droner_cy

Coral Bay is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, but it is often "overshadowed" by the Blue Lagoon. The photo below uniquely shows a calm in the upper half that slowly spreads into a beautiful, summer "bustle" with people spreading out and enjoying the crystal clear waters.

Agios Nikolaos / Protaras
Photo:  @airplaneandie

A small church in Pernera that we have all seen but rarely put in the spotlight. The blue and white of the church mixes beautifully with the blue of the sky and the sea, and together with Andrea's outfit, they create an image that seems to have been taken from a Greek island. 

Photo:  @pantelis_glossy

The road to Troodos is a route that we have all taken at least once in our lives and we love it for what it is:  winding through nature with trees on both sides. But the landscape looks even more picturesque when you see it from a drone. The road is lost in the trees, and with the mountains in the background, it looks as if the image could have been taken anywhere else in the world. 

Old Nicosia
Photo:  @karpis_cy

It is one of the most famous destinations in the capital if you want to take beautiful pictures while on a leisurely walk. The neighborhoods are photographed a lot and the point is to find a frame that is different from the others. In the photo below, the colors of the houses together with the light from the streets make a beautiful still-life that differs from the others. 

Photo:  @alexpantela

Northwest of the Monastery of Kykkos is Throni. You may not have visited it, but the photo of the red roads leading to the church definitely made you do a double-take.  And when using a drone the frame becomes even more impressive. The red roads that go around the mountain to Throni, "break" the colors of nature in the surrounding area, creating an impressive contrast.

Agioi Anargyroi / Cape Greco
Photo: @elmonalama 

As with Agios Nikolaos, the church of Agios Anargyros can easily be compared to one on a Greek island.  Its blue and white colors coupled with its location on the edge overlooking the sea can make you feel as close to heaven as you can possibly be. 

Governor's Beach
Photo:  @moreeli__

The Governor's Coast is a well-known destination for swimming but also for sunbathing - and of course, for photos - on the white rocks. This year on Instagram the sea caves next to the rocks were front and center. The photo below exudes an incomparable summer air and the way it has been taken shows both the depth and the height of the rocks in a wonderful way.

Photo:  @nino_theodoulou

This photo was love at first sight. A favorite sea of ​​Protaras, with palm trees in the background that are yellowed by sunlight, compose a beautiful, serene image that "breaks" with the underwater scenery of the lower half.

Blue Lagoon
Photo: @hellomissjordan 

As we said before, Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular destinations in Cyprus, both for locals and tourists. We have seen so many photos from there that one rarely stands out. And yet the one below stood out unexpectedly. Without much - the calm of the blue contrasts with the wood in an image that discreetly presents the style and beauty of the landscape. 

Photo:  @ _kwstis1_

Snowy Troodos in winter is like our Blue Lagoon in the summer. Every year we see endless photos but again a drone makes the difference. This particular photo is an ode to minimalism and manages to stand out using only the simplest means by showing the calmness of the snow disturbed by the red in the center.

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