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100 trees felled with approval in Paphos

Cypress and lemon trees cut down on private land


Over 100 trees were recently felled on private land in the Mandria community, as confirmed by Kypros Michaelides, the community's leader, in a statement to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA). As reported by Philenews, the decision to cut down the trees was made following approval from the Department of Forests.

According to Michaelides, the area affected by the tree felling spans approximately 300 meters and includes around 100 to 120 cypress and lemon trees.

Addressing concerns regarding jurisdiction over private land, Michaelides clarified that the community has no authority over privately-owned properties. He emphasized that no external interference is allowed on private lands. Once the Department of Forests gives its approval, local authorities have no further involvement.

George Constantinou, the spokesperson for the Department of Forests, shed light on the legal framework governing tree felling. He stated, "The Forestry Law clearly defines which tree species require a cutting permit." In cases where a permit is necessary, citizens must engage with the Department of Forests.

According to a report on Philenews, Constantinou explained the subsequent process, which involves submitting an application and an on-site assessment conducted by Department officials.

He also emphasized the Department's stance on tree cutting, highlighting their consistent advice against such actions unless there are valid reasons, such as imminent danger.

In essence, over 100 trees were cut down on private land in the Mandria community, with approval from the Department of Forests. The community leader clarified that they have no authority over private properties, and the Department of Forests strictly regulates tree felling, requiring permits and assessments to ensure proper management of trees.

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