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Rising temperatures and clear skies ahead

A weather update for the Island


Good morning, Cyprus! As we step into Thursday (10/8), get ready for temperatures to climb to 38 degrees. The Meteorological Service predicts that the region is currently under the influence of seasonal low pressure. However, a warm air mass is set to temporarily impact the island starting this Saturday, causing temperatures to soar over the weekend. In fact, they're expected to surpass the average climatic values for this time of year.

Taking a look at tomorrow, Friday, skies will be mainly clear with sporadic patches of clouds. Don't anticipate any significant temperature changes.

Now, let's dive into the detailed weather forecast.

Daytime forecast

Today, you can expect mostly clear skies, although some low clouds may linger initially. As the afternoon approaches, partial cloudiness will develop, particularly in the western and northern coastal areas. Winds will start off blowing mainly from the southeast to southwest, locally variable and light, occasionally moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort. By the afternoon, they'll gradually shift from southwest to northwest, maintaining the same intensity. In certain offshore locations, winds might reach a moderate level of 4 Beaufort. In terms of sea conditions, expect a slightly rough sea in the west and north, while the south and east will see a calm to slightly rough sea initially, gradually turning a little rough later. As for temperatures, they will reach around 38 degrees inland, 31 degrees on the west coast, approximately 33 degrees along the rest of the coast, and around 30 degrees in the higher mountainous regions.

Nighttime forecast

Tonight, the weather will remain predominantly clear, with occasional low clouds in some areas. During the early morning hours, sparse fog or mist could form in certain spots, especially in the southeastern and inland parts of the island. Wind patterns will shift from southwest to northwest, staying light and locally moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort. Later, they will become northwest to northeast, and on the northern coast, southeast at 3 Beaufort. Sea conditions will change, becoming calm to a little rough in the south and east, while the west and north will retain their slightly rough character. As temperatures drop, expect around 21 degrees inland, about 23 degrees on the coast, and 19 degrees in the higher mountainous regions.

Looking Ahead

Friday's forecast indicates mainly clear skies with intermittent patches of clouds. Don't anticipate any significant temperature fluctuations; they'll hover around the average climatic values.

As we move into the weekend, Saturday promises mainly clear weather. Temperatures will rise, remaining above the seasonal average.

Sunday's outlook continues with mostly clear skies and a temperature increase above the seasonal average.

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