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12 year old not allowed on bus for 70 cents (UPDATE)

Minister and bus driver to meet with family of 12 year old girl



Racist discrimination and such behaviors are indulgently unacceptable and are reprehensible. --Karousos

A 12 year old Cypriot-American student who was prevented from boarding a bus for not being able to pay the 70 cent fare will be given a free bus pass tomorrow, valid for 1 year.

The story of the 12 year old came to light yesterday when her brother alleged that it was not only because she did not have the exact fare, but due to her race.

The Minister of Transport, Communication and Works, Mr. Giannis Karousos, immediately took to social media to denounce any acts of racism or discrimination.  He wrote, "racist discrimination and such behaviors are indulgently unacceptable and are reprehensible.”

EMEL (the Limassol bus company) also rejected any hint of racial discrimination on their part stating that, "its social contribution in the 11 years of its operation clearly proves the opposite".  The company continued to emphasize that, for years, students of many nationalities used their busses to get to and from schools and no incidents of discrimination had ever been reported.

Mr. Karousos and the bus driver are scheduled to meet the 12 year old girl and her family tomorrow in Limassol at 5:30 pm, at which time she will be presented with her 1 year bus pass.

The bus driver is a 26 year veteran of the company, and no complaints have ever been made against him, according to EMEL.

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