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Anastasiades congratulates Tsipras on ratification of Prespes agreement

The Prespes Agreement opens doors for cooperation and the road for peace and stability in the Balkans

Source: CNA

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades congratulated on Wednesday the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras "for his courage and determination" as regards the Prespes Agreement, noting that the ratification of the Agreement terminated an unnecessary conflict.
Welcoming Tsipras, with whom he held talks at the Presidential Palace, Anastasiades noted that the ratification of the Prespes Agreement opens the doors for cooperation and the road for peace and stability in the Balkans, creating prospects for a balanced and stable relation with Northern Macedonia, something which will allow a closer financial cooperation and the creation of a new environment.
Anastasiades said that their meeting was held in the framework of their very close cooperation with a view to examine the latest developments in the Cyprus problem ahead of the forthcoming visit of the UNSG’s envoy on Cyprus Jane Holl Lute to the island and the meeting sipras will have on February 5 with the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
He stressed that the aim is to achieve a settlement of the Cyprus problem which will allow peaceful co-existence and stability and will fully abide by the European principles and values and the international law, so that the functionality, the viability and the compatibility of the settlement with the international law and the EU acquis will be ensured.
On his part, the Prime Minister of Greece referring to the Prespes Agreement  noted that a historic step was made and that they solved a conflict which went on for decades “in the best possible way for our national interests.”
Moreover, he noted that “we enhanced the credibility of Greece before the international public opinion and the international community.”
He said that when a country acts according to the international law and proves that it can make honest compromises on the basis of the international law, it clearly shows that it wants to solve the major issues that it has to address.  
“This is an important development and I think that it will help our effort to pursue  a just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem in the framework of the international community, the UN,” he added.
Moreover, he thanked Anastasiades for hosting on Tuesday the 5th Summit of the Southern EU Countries, noting that unity and coordination among the countries of the European south is very important for Europe.
He noted that “our region is unfortunately particularly destabilized and Cyprus together with Greece and all the other EU countries has proved  that it is fighting for stability, it constitutes a pillar of stability.”
Tsipras expressed strong support to the peaceful settlement of conflicts and to cooperation among countries, noting that these messages were sent out by the Summit of the Southern EU Countries on Tuesday, in the best possible way.
On his part, Anastasiades wished Greece all the best and noted Tsipras’ efforts for the ratification of the Prespes Agreement, adding that when there is courage, pragmatism and dialogue then there are prospects to terminate unjustified conflicts.
He said that the agreement reflects not only the determination, but also secures the prospects for excellent relations and cooperation, adding that cooperation already exists.
The President said he looked forward to their talks to coordinate in the best possible way and to look into ways for the resumption of the Cyprus talks, with prospects for a settlement of the Cyprus problem.

After their private meetings, Anastasiades and Tsipras presided over expanded talks between the two sides that were attended by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides and Savvas Angelides, and the Greek National Defence Minister Evangelos Apostolakis.

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