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Ayia Napa serial rape arraignment pushed back

Defendant accused of being serial rapist during closed hearing requests court-appointed public defender


Prosecutors in a serial rape case in Ayia Napa will have to wait until next month, after arraignment this week in a closed hearing was postponed when the defendant asked the court to appoint a public defender.

A 22-year-old male from Syria, who was detained last month in connection with a rape complaint in Ayia Napa, asked a criminal court on Wednesday to appoint a public defender in the case, which also includes rape allegations in two other cases.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the arrest took place in connection with a total of three women in Ayia Napa who filed rape complaints separately between April 18 and mid-May.

Police said the alleged encounters took place in dark side alleys adjacent to a crowded venue on a main avenue, with charges also including abduction, indecent assault, and penetrative sexual assault

CNA said the man was detained after an individual who was shown security camera footage identified the Syrian man as the perpetrator.

Knews has been told the two women were foreign tourists while the third complainant was described as a foreign national who lives in the area permanently. It was not clear whether the third woman was also working or just visiting the area.

Police said the alleged encounters took place in dark side alleys adjacent to a crowded venue on a main avenue.

Charges include abduction with intent to sexually abuse, kidnapping, rape, indecent assault, and penetrative sexual assault.

Previous reports speculated the suspect had admitted the offenses during interrogation shortly after his arrest in late May.

But local media said the defendant did not enter a plea on Wednesday, asking instead for a defense attorney and the court scheduling his new arraignment for July 14.

Police did not provide the exact dates and content of each of the rape allegations, citing privacy concerns for the accusers.

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