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Biker goes ballistic after accident

Woman falls off motorcycle, male biker assaults police and paramedics who rush to the scene


Police say they arrested a male biker, whose female passenger fell off the motorcycle on the highway, after he became aggressive towards officers and emergency medics.

A 36-year-old man, described as Greek Cypriot, was riding his motorcycle on the Nicosia-Larnaca highway on Thursday afternoon with a 25-year-old female passenger, also Greek Cypriot. According to police, around 4:25pm, the woman fell off the motorbike near the Koshi exit under circumstances that are still pending investigation. The man reportedly turned back as soon as he realised what had happened to his passenger.

Police said the man punched an officer on the head while he used his helmet to strike an emergency medic as soon as the ambulance arrived at the scene

Police who were notified of the incident rushed to the scene, where the man reportedly started screaming and insulting the officers. Police also said the man became aggressive, hitting the car with his fists and causing damages to the vehicle.

The man also struck an officer with punches to the head while he also used his helmet to strike an emergency medic as soon as the ambulance arrived at the scene, police said.

The woman was rushed to the Emergency Room at Larnaca General Hospital and then transferred to Nicosia General, where she was hospitalized and treated for burns caused by friction on the asphalt.

Police told Knews they did not know what caused the biker to act aggressively, nor did they have information what had happened prior to the assult. An official report said both the police officer and paramedic had been injured as a result of the assault.

Both the biker and his female passenger were wearing helmets at the time of the incident.

Aradippou police in Larnaca district are investigating the incident.

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