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Boy kills little sister in Larnaca

Nine-year-old girl from Romania stabbed to death by troubled 13-year-old brother


A little girl has been stabbed to death by her own brother in the old part of town in Larnaca, where the siblings lived with their father.

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According to media reports, first responders got an emergency call around 5pm and rushed to a house in Agios Ioannis, downtown Larnaca, where they found a 9-year-old girl who had been stabbed.

The girl was rushed by an ambulance to the Emergency Room at Larnaca General Hospital, where doctors on duty pronounced her dead on arrival. The young victim was reportedly stabbed by her 13-year-old brother, although no information was made available as to what might have caused the incident.

The witness also said he saw the boy sitting quietly in a corner 'as if nothing had happened'

An eye witness who lives on the same street heard the father of the girl holding his daughter who was drenched in blood and screaming for help as neighbours rushed towards the house. The young witness who spoke to reporters said he run with others and approached the girl to look for a pulse.

“I went to touch the kid to see if she had a pulse. I realised she had none. She was already turning blue,” the male witness said.

He then dialed the emergency number, calling both the ambulance and the police, while he advised the father to begin a resuscitation attempt. The witness also said he saw the boy sitting quietly in a corner “as if nothing had happened,” while another individual who spoke on camera said the boy was a “troubled” teen and "not well" in his health.

The siblings were seen playing on a daily basis and witnesses said they did not believe that they had an argument prior to the incident. But others told the Cyprus News Agency that the siblings would often get into fights.

The mother of the children was also seen visiting them on a daily basis, while the family, originally from Romania, had moved into the residence on Arch. Kyrillou Street about two-three years ago. Knews understands that the divorced parents had originally moved to Cyprus at least 10 years ago.

No arrest was made by police due to the young age of the alleged perpetrator, while an autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday. Preliminary findings indicated multiple stab wounds on many parts of the 9-year-old’s body.

CID Larnaca are investigating the incident.

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