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British tourist dies in Paphos accident

Man on sidewalk killed in Kato Paphos accident when speeding car veered off the road


A British male was fatally wounded after being struck by a vehicle in Paphos, with preliminary findings pointing to excessive speed as a factor.

According to local media, a 67-year-old Briton was walking along the sidewalk on Poseidonos Avenue in Kato Paphos Friday afternoon, when a car veered off the road and struck the pedestrian who was on the pavement at the time of impact.

The man was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

Hours later, police detained the car driver, described as a 22-year-old Greek Cypriot male, who was administered a Breathalyzer test. According to police sources, the driver had zero indication of alcohol in his breath while a drug test also came back negative.

Local reports said the driver appeared to be going too fast, according to preliminary findings, with the vehicle suddenly veering off the road. A slight road curve could be seen in photos of the scene of the accident, with the driver reportedly telling cops he lost control of the steering wheel.

The British tourist was said to have traveled to Cyprus alone in early April, where he was staying at a hotel until his scheduled departure at the end of the month.

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