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Briton found dead in his Paphos apartment

Man found dead in his bathtub after brother in the UK requested a wellness check


A British man was found dead by police officers in Paphos after they got a request from his brother in the UK to carry out a wellness check.

According to police, the body of a 45-year-old British male was found dead in his apartment in Paphos, where he resided permanently for the last few years.

The man was reportedly battling depression and alcohol abuse

Media reports said the man’s brother had been trying to contact him since February 27 but all attempts went unanswered. The brother then notified police who went to check up on him and found the man unconscious in his bathtub.

Officials reportedly did not suspect foul play and no external injuries were visible on the body. A post mortem is expected to show the exact cause of death.

Local media said the man in the UK told authorities on the phone that his brother had been battling depression and facing a number of health issues, including alcohol abuse.

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