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14 June, 2024
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Cabinet: Nine more citizenships revoked

The decisions made today by the Council of Ministers

Source: Announcements

President of the Republic Mr. Nicos Anastasiades presided over today's meeting of the Council of Ministers. Among other things, the following decisions were made:

The Council of Ministers today confirmed its previous decision to deprive three investors and six of the dependents of their citizenship status following the expiration of the deadline for objections and the completion of the procedures in the competent committee. The Council of Ministers has so far stripped 232 people of their citizenship. There are 63 investors and 159 dependants (spouses, children, parents) among them.

They also approved a Grant Scheme for the Genetic Improvement of the Cyprus sheep and goat populations. This Plan, which will be implemented between 2023 and 2026, aims to improve the sheep and goat sector in Cyprus by providing targeted subsidies to sheep and/or goat farmers, as well as specific genetic evaluation services, improved breeding, and general livestock and breeding unit management. The scheme has a budget of EUR 5 million.

In addition, the Ministerial Council has decided to establish Local Councils for Delinquency Prevention.

The following pillars will be the main focus of the Local Councils for the Prevention of Delinquency's (LPCs) activities:

(a) Coordination of efforts and collaboration with local authorities, state authorities, and nonprofit organizations for the prevention of delinquency.

(b) Consistently tracking and analyzing local delinquency.

(c) Prevention of delinquency at the local level through targeted initiatives, collaboration, measures, and programs to get rid of the things that make delinquency more likely to happen.

(d) Systematic collaboration for the prevention of delinquency with local authorities, appropriate state authorities, professional organizations, educational institutions, and the Cyprus Addiction Prevention Authority.

A tuition and feeding subsidy program for kids under four (4) years old was also approved by the Council of Ministers. The plan relates to child support in situations where a significant loss of family income is proven.

They also approved a Financial Assistance and Support Plan for People Under the Care of the Director of Social Welfare Services Who May Apply for Minimum Guaranteed Income Benefits. The program is specifically applicable to students who work during their breaks from classes. It also affects people who are currently serving in the military.

The Council of Ministers has also approved a new Plan of Support for Pensioners with Low Incomes, taking into account the adverse circumstances brought on by the pandemic and inflation.  This decision affects 22,380 households. The associated costs total € 4.8 million.


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