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Sex ed to be introduced in schools by September

The proposal was made by the Ministry of Education and approved by the Council of Ministers.

Source: CNA

Sex education will be introduced in an institutionalized and comprehensive manner beginning in September, covering all levels from pre-primary to third high school. The Ministry of Education today submitted a proposal for sex education in schools to the Council of Ministers, which approved it.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Education following the conclusion of the Cabinet meeting, the Cabinet approved the Ministry's proposal to standardize, institutionalize, and finalize sex education in all schools.

According to Mr. Prodromou, sex education is already available in schools. However, he continued, taking into account the recent passage of a law by Parliament, the Ministry institutionalized and generalized the teaching of sex education to all levels and classes.

He stated that this would be accomplished through the implementation of skills workshops in pre-primary, primary, high school, and first-grade classrooms. It is suggested that sex education seminars be held in the remaining high school and technical education classes.

This proposal, he noted, ensures that time for sex education is provided in all classes and at all levels. He specifically explained that through the operation of skills workshops, specific time would be provided for each class. In pre-primary education, 8 to 12 periods will be provided out of a total of 24 workshops, and in primary education, 6 to 10 periods will be provided out of 24.

Mr. Prodromou stated that the workshops and seminars will be held on the basis of the curricula of the existing pedagogical supervisory material, which will be supplemented after consultation with the Ministry of Health. He added that the Ministry's directorates will have until the end of the first quarter to complete their work.  He also stated that until the end of the first quarter, the Ministry's directorates will work with the Pedagogical Institute to develop the materials to be used.

The corresponding additional teacher training will then be carried out, so that by the new school year 2023-2024, we will have the generalized teaching of sex education, as required by law.

The Minister stated that while the necessary time for the operation of the skills workshops is guaranteed for pre-primary and primary education, secondary education will be dependent on Parliament's approval of the proposal to end stagnation.  

He also stated that arrangements for the first high school had been made without affecting the timetable and that for the remaining high school classes and Technical Education, consultations on the timetable would be held within the statutory committee to ensure the necessary time. He clarified that the Ministry's Directorates have identified three alternatives for discussion in the proposal approved by the Cabinet.

Mr. Prodromou stated that in terms of the necessary appropriations, i.e. the budget to be secured for the employment of additional teachers and any other material, the Minister of Education, in collaboration with the Minister of Finance, will present a proposal in the 2023 supplementary budget to allow for the implementation of the Law that was passed in September 2023.

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