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Chief says gang rape case nearly wrapped up

Cyprus police chief says some reports on Ayia Napa gang rape investigation are inaccurate


Cyprus police say investigators are handling the Ayia Napa gang rape case discretely and objectively, adding that some reports finding their way in the press are inaccurate.

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Police Chief Kypros Michaelides spoke on camera Tuesday, saying the gang rape investigation is a “serious case” involving multiple people.

“The investigation will be wrapped up soon, and depending on the outcome, the case and who may be prosecuted will move forward to face justice,” Michaelides said.

Twelve suspects, all late teens from Israel, are being held at three different police stations in Nicosia, Larnaca, and Famagusta, while investigators were said to have completed the entire the line of questioning. They were accused by a British female, aged 19, who said she was gang raped in a hotel room in the resort town of Ayia Napa.

Running against the clock

Local police are also running against the clock as the remand for the Israeli dozen is set to expire on Friday. Israeli media last week had pointed to criticism over the remanded custody of suspects and delays in obtaining DNA test results. 

There were no signs whether or not suspects would be remanded further, while earlier reports suggested some teens could be released. But additional reports suggested that some teens present in the hotel room were suspects who may not have taken part in the alleged incident, hinting at seperate charges for the suspects. 

'I think some comments have a sinister motive, the police chief said

Israeli media cited sources saying at least some of the suspects could be facing charges for conspiracy to commit a crime, while local reports pointed out that some suspects were not facing rape charges.

Michaelides did not clarify to which reports he was referring as inaccurate, adding that feedback from the embassy in Israel were “positive” regarding Jewish and Greek Cypriot media. But he added that some leaks in the press were not accurate.

“I think some comments have a sinister motive,” the police chief said.

The alleged victim, a 19-year-old British girl, reportedly made additional statements this week to police investigators. It was not clear whether lab test results have been completed or still expected within days, but local media said it was a matter of time. Reports also said DNA and phone forensics were expected to shed light on the case.

A police lineup was set to take place this week, where the alleged victim would pick a number of suspects to assist the course of the investigation.

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