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Conference on Funds & Cryptocurrencies, a success

Funds & Cryptocurrencies: The Development and the Technology

A half day Conference with the subject of “Funds & Cryptocurrencies: The Development and the Technology” was successfully completed for a second consecutive year, on the 14th of June 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol.

The half day conference was organised by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus-Russian Business Association and K. Treppides & Co Ltd, in an attempt to inform investors and the Global Market about the Cyprus Fund’s market and the relationship that the Funds in Cyprus can have with technology.

During the Conference, participants were informed about the recent developments in the sector of Funds in Cyprus, the Global Market trends in Cryptocurrencies and Technologies as well as the latest changes in the Cyprus Fund Industry, the trends and challenges of Fund Management Companies and the type of Funds available in Cyprus.

According to Mr. Marios A. Cosma, Managing Partner of K. Treppides & Co Ltd, the last few years’ a significant progress was made in relation to the sector of Investment funds including the modernisation of the regulatory framework for investments funds and the full range of legislative framework to all fund products, that resulted to the development of Cyprus as a beneficial jurisdiction for Funds and Fund Managers to domicile.

Mr. Angelos Gregoriades, the President of the Cyprus Investment Funds Association and Chairman of KPMG, during his presentation shared, with the participants, the growth and statistics of the Fund’s sector in Cyprus along with some attractive Tax regimes for Shipping Funds. Reference was also made on the revised and more attractive Alternative Investments Fund Law that is due in the upcoming weeks.

The participants had the opportunity to be informed by K. Treppides & Co Ltd specialists about possible Fund structures that can be used to accommodate Investment Strategies with Cryptos and Crypto Technology as well as their Tax implications. 

Furthermore, speakers from Singapore, Malta and the United States, experienced with Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency Funds and Fund Management Companies that Manage Funds with investment strategies related to Cryptos and Crypto technology, talked about their experience dealing with such an industry. Reference was made to specific structures, the regulation and challenges and considerations which relate to this relatively new Cryptocurrency-market.

The International Compliance and Advisory Services of K. Treppides & Co Ltd consists of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in Funds and Fund Managers who assist the majority of the active Funds and Fund Managers in Cyprus.


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