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Cops recover delivery guy’s stolen motorcycle

Thirteen-year-old girl detained for questioning after Limassol police raid parking lot in stolen motorcycle case


A teenage girl was briefly detained for questioning in Limassol following a complaint by a delivery guy, who said he had his motorcycle stolen under knife threat.

Police said a 28-year-old male delivered a food order at an apartment building in Limassol, on Sunday evening around 7pm. According to a complaint he filed later with local police, he was getting back to his motorcycle when two unknown individuals approached him, pulled out a knife, and stole his motorcycle.

The youngsters who were removing parts from the motorcycles started running away with police managing to intercept a 13-year-old girl

During the course of the investigation, police received a tip off around 9:20pm, saying young individuals were disassembling motorcycles in the parking lot of an apartment building.

Officers rushed to the scene and spotted the youths who were removing parts from three motorcycles, one of them later determined to belong to the 28-year-old food delivery guy. The youngsters started running away with police managing to intercept a young lady, later identified as a 13-year-old girl.

Police told Knews the girl was detained for questioning, a process which took place in her mother's presence. The young female then walked away accompanied by her parent.

Law enforcement officials declined to give more details such as nationality for the delivery driver, the other youths, or the young girl. CID Limassol was said to be jointly investigating the case with the town’s Petty Crime department.

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