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Coronavirus hits Cypriot armed forces

Two military officers test positive, entire commando base in Stavrovouni under quarantine


Two high ranking military officers have tested positive for the coronavirus, while the entire camp of commandos in Stavrovouni has been placed under quarantine over a suspected case of a soldier.

Local media said two high ranking military officers have tested positive for the COVID-19 infectious disease. Reports said a Greek army officer serving at Cypriot National Guard Headquarters in Nicosia had traveled to Greece, while another officer serving at a camp in Nicosia had come in contact with family members who had traveled to the UK.

The officer who contracted the virus on a trip to Greece came back to the island twelve days ago but did not take self-isolation measures

Reports said the army officer, who contracted the virus on a trip to Greece, came back to the island twelve days ago, at a time when Greece was not on a list of high-risk countries for the coronavirus.

The officer, who did not take self-isolation measures, had not come in dirtect contact with Defence Minister Savvas Angelides, according to the Cyprus News Agency, debunking earlier stories in local media. Angelides later tested negative to the virus after he asked to take a diagnostic test out of an abundance of caution.

The army is now tracing other officer who came in contact with infected individuals, while a defence ministry statement said any tests would be made as a precaution and there was no cause for alarm.

But according to local media, two camps were quarantined including a the special commando base in Stavrovouni, Nicosia district, where one suspected case of a soldier was being tested.

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