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Court postpones hearing on disputed monastic funds

Nicosia Court delays hearing concerning seizure of Avvakoum monastery funds


The Nicosia Provincial Court on Friday postponed the examination process of the application to cancel the warrants of confiscation of the property of the monks of the Holy Monastery of St. Avvakoum, including the sum of 807,000 euros.

During today's proceedings, representatives of the Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, and the Land Registry were expected to present evidence and documents requested by the defense lawyers of the two monks involved, concerning the origin of the monetary amount found in a safe, seized by the Holy Metropolis of Tamassos and Oreinis on the night of March 5, 2024, and subsequently handed over to the Police.

However, representatives of the financial institutions and the Land Registry did not appear at the hearing, prompting the court to adjourn the process and reschedule it for May 30 at 9 a.m. for further planning.

Meanwhile, present in court were the two monks of the Holy Monastery of St. Avvakoum, as well as supporters of the monks.

The objection filed by the defense lawyer of the two monks alleges, among other things, that the monetary amount found in the safe belonged to the Monastery and was intended for the expansion of the monastery's buildings.

It is noted that the Holy Monastery of St. Avvakoum in Fterikoudi remains closed to date, with its reopening date uncertain.


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