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Covid vaccines targeting new variants have arrived in Cyprus

Preparations for the 4th dose underway, Health Ministry official says

Source: CNA

Preparations are underway for the administration of the fourth dose with updated vaccines against COVID-19, Acting Director of the Nursing Services Department, Evagoras Tambouris, told CNA on Friday, adding that doses of the updated Pfizer vaccine have already arrived in Cyprus while those of Moderna are also expected before the end of the month.

Following the recommendation of the National Vaccination Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health, the implementation of the fourth dose of the updated Covid vaccine for all those over the age of 30, including those who belong to the vulnerable population, will be submitted to the Council of Ministers next Wednesday for approval.

Tambouris told CNA that when the proposal is approved by the Cabinet they will proceed with the logistics of the matter. He said there is already a suggestion, which is the most prevalent one, to start inoculating by age, seniors first, and gradually move down to younger ages, as well as vulnerable groups.

The nursing services, he added, have already worked on scenarios for the administration of the fourth dose of vaccines to the population, in terms of staffing and organization of the vaccination centers.

Replying to a question, he said that so far, around 37,000 people have been vaccinated with the fourth dose, which he said, is a small number. Tambouris said that the numbers are low because of the summer season, and expressed the conviction that after people return from their holidays the demand will pick up.

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