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Cup Match halted after player collapse amidst firecracker chaos

Player fell to the ground after a firecracker was thrown in the warm-up area


In a dramatic turn of events during the cup match at "Famagusta" between Nea Salamina and APOEL, the game was abruptly halted, leaving fans and players in disbelief.

The focal point of the shocking incident was the collapse of Giorgos Papageorgiou, who fell to the ground after a firecracker was thrown in the warm-up area.

The chaotic scene unfolded as an ambulance rushed onto the field to transfer Papageorgiou to the hospital. The players, visibly outraged, expressed their concern over the escalating violence targeted at them, putting their physical well-being at risk during their professional duties.

Amidst the turmoil, discussions have emerged about implementing measures to ensure the safety of players before resuming matches. A recent statement by PAP emphasized the need for guarantees, stating, "If the situation does not improve, strong measures will be discussed, not excluding the possibility of a walkout."

Spyros Neofytidis, the PASP executive chairman, addressed the issue during an interview with SPOR FM 95.0 last Wednesday. He underscored the severity of the situation, stating, "It is now clear that illegal acts have become the norm. The members have made it clear – no player will enter the stadium unless he receives the necessary guarantees for his safety. They will enter every Saturday to risk their lives or abstain. This must end; we will mourn victims like in Greece."

The proposed abstention measure, as mentioned by Neofytidis, reflects the growing frustration among players and officials regarding the unsafe conditions. The future of the league hangs in the balance as stakeholders grapple with finding a solution to eradicate violence from the beautiful game.

[With information sourced from 24 Sports]

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