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Customs officer fired over corruption loses appeal

Court sides with Public Service Commission in firing customs officer who was convicted of smuggling drugs


An administrative court says the Public Service Commission had every right to fire a customs officer from his job, rejecting his appeal after he was convicted of abusing his position in a drug smuggling operation.

According to Philenews, a civil servant working as assistant customs officer was suspended from duties in 2013 and subsequently got the sack in 2017, following his conviction in connection with drug smuggling and abuse of authority.

The court said it found no evidence that the commission’s decision was excessive, citing that the PSC acted well within its discretionary powers

The man was originally sentenced to prison but his sentence got suspended after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit a felony and abusing his power as a customs officer. He had been involved in a drug smuggling operation where he facilitated the smuggling of illegal cannabis in exchange of a monetary reward.

In 2013, the Public Service Commission suspended the customs officer from his job duties until later deciding to fire him in 2017.

The customs officer took the PSC to court arguing “wrongful termination” but the administrative court dismissed the appeal, citing there was “sufficient basis” for the commission to end his employment.

“The PSC presented ample justification for the reasons it viewed the offences of the plaintiff as most serious which led it to impose the highest disciplinary action,” the court said.

The court also said it found no evidence of that the commission’s decision was excessive, citing that the PSC acted well within its discretionary powers.

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