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Cypriot crew escapes Houthi attack unscathed

Ship targeted by Houthis in Red Sea attack

Newsroom / CNA

Deputy Minister of Shipping Marina Hadjimanolis told CNA that based on the information so far, it seems there are not any Cypriots on the cargo ship True Confidence, which was hit by a missile in the Red Sea.

The Deputy Minister, who is currently in Brussels where she attends a seminar of the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council on seafarers' living conditions, stressed that the ship does not fly the Cypriot flag, nor is it Cypriot owned, and that its management company maintains offices in Cyprus.

The Deputy Minister told CNA that "from the information we have, there is no Cypriot crew on board the particular ship", expressing her concern for the safety of the seafarers on board the True Confidence.

According to the latest information from Reuters news agency, at least two sailors have been killed during the Houthis attack.

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