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Cypriot food documentary brings both communities together (trailer)

Premier screening of EU funded 'Cypriot Culinary Experiences' takes place in Nicosia

Source: CNA

The premier screening of the EU-funded short documentary “Cypriot Culinary Experiences”, a joint collaboration between the EU Infopoint and The Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR), took place on Tuesday, at the Home for Cooperation.

According to a press release, speaking at the event Judit Rózsa, Director of Resources, Coordination and Aid Programme in the Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support of the European Commission stated that at the core of this documentary is a commitment to peace and harmony between the communities, an exhibition of common traditions that bind the people of Cyprus together, and a message of hope for the future.

“We hope that the message of peace and solidarity among the Cypriot people will be strengthened with this documentary, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to support such an initiative. As the European Commission we would like to reiterate our commitment to continue to support the reunification of Cyprus,” she stressed.

Rita Severis, Executive Director of The Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR), said that “this documentary project exceeded everyone's expectations because we met each other, we chatted with each other, we teased each other, we had fun, we worked together, we learned from each other and we realized that our food is so common to both of us that as it kept us together in the past, it will take us further to the future”.

The short documentary “Cypriot Culinary Experiences” will be broadcast on local channels and further screening events will also be organized all of which will be announced through EUIP social media channels.

The trailer for the documentary can be viewed below:

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