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Cypriot residents took more trips abroad this month compared to last year

A little over 119,000 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad this month, recording an 85.1% increase over October 2021 figures

Source: CNA

 A total of 119,466 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad in October 2022, compared to 64,547 in the corresponding month last year, recording an increase of 85.1%.

According to the Statistical Service of Cyprus, the main countries from which the residents of Cyprus returned in October 2022 were Greece with 34.0%, the United Kingdom with 12.9% and Italy with 7.0%.  

Meanwhile, tourist arrivals in Cyprus reached 400,628 in October 2022 compared to 391,638 in October 2021, recording an increase of 2.3%.

For the period of January – October 2022, arrivals of tourists totaled 2,941,182 compared to 1.691,030 in the corresponding period of 2021, 612.975 in the period of January – October 2020 and 3,697,055 arrivals in the period of January – October 2019.

Arrivals from the United Kingdom were the main source of tourism for October 2022, with a share of 37.6% (150,699) of total arrivals, followed by Israel with 8.4% (33.624), Germany with 7.9% (31,556), Greece with 5.2% (20,934) and Poland with 4.7% (18,871).

For a percentage of 83.1% of tourists, the purpose of their trip in October 2022 was holidays, 11.5% visits to friends and relatives and 5.3% business. Respectively, in October 2021, 87.2% of tourists visited Cyprus for holidays, 8.3% visited friends or relatives and 4.5% visited Cyprus for business reasons.

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