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Cyprus' climbing positivity rate trend stabilising

A report published by the Health Ministry on Friday showed encouraging figures behind Cyprus' coronavirus pandemic, with even Limassol's positivity rate dropping to 1%


The upward trend in Cyprus’ weekly coronavirus positivity rate for appears to have come to a halt, but remains at relatively high levels, an updated national surveillance report covering the period up to March 23 showed.

The report, published by the Health Ministry on Friday, indicated that Limassol’s epidemiological situation is showing signs of improvement, with the district’s positivity rate dropping to 1% from last week’s 1.3%.

The data also showed that there are currently no hospital admissions involving nursing home residents, with most hospital admissions under the age of 60.

By March 23, a total of 42,028 coronavirus cases were detected in the Republic of Cyprus, of which 248 died as a result of their infection, with the island marking a fatality risk of 0.6%.

The report showed 5,093 of total cases were detected during the two weeks between March 10 and March 23, corresponding to a cumulative 14-day diagnosis rate of 573.5 per 100,000 people. During those two weeks, 53,754 PCR and 541,635 rapid antigen tests were been performed (6,053.4 PCR and 60,994.9 rapid antigen tests per 100,000 people).

A majority of 2,806 (55.1%) were reported in Limassol district, 1,238 (24.3%) in Nicosia, 489 (9.6%) in Larnaca, 308 (6%) in Paphos, 176 (3.5%) in Famagusta, and 76 (1.5%) were reported either in the British bases or had a residence abroad, or information was not available.

The median age of new cases was 36 years; 51.2% were females (2,608), 48.8% males (2,483), and for two cases information is not currently available. By place of exposure, 1.2% (63) were imported and 98.8% (5,030) were locally-acquired.

On March 24, Cyprus hospitals were treating 233 coronavirus patients, aged on average 62 years. Of those, 58.8% (137) were males, while 63.1% (147) were from the Limassol district.

Of 26 cases in intensive care units (ICU), 23 were intubated. The median age of current ICU patients is 68 years and 18 (69.2%) are males. 84.6% of patients currently in an ICU have pre-existing conditions.

Overall, until March 24, 5.4% (2,276) of detected coronavirus cases received hospital care, 9.9% (226) of which were admitted to an ICU.

Until March 24, among cases alive, 83.5% (34,834) of coronavirus cases have recovered or have been released from isolation.


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