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Cyprus enters new phase of relaxations

Some measure relaxations come sooner as Republic of Cyprus is winning battle against pandemic


The Republic of Cyprus entered on Friday a new phase of easing of COVID restrictions, including people allowed to stay out during curfew if they are attending a wedding celebration.

According to a decree published by the health ministry in the Republic of Cyprus, people are allowed to be outside until 3am if they are attending a wedding celebration. 

The executive order allows officers to inquire whether someone has attended a wedding, such as asking to see proof including an invitation. The measure will end next week, as a current curfew daily from 1am until 5am is scheduled to be lifted on June 10.

The executive order allows police officers to inquire whether someone has attended a wedding, such as asking to see proof including an invitation

Lottery shops are also allowed to operate with tables and chairs indoors but attendees need to present a SafePass.

Events that require a SafePass also include amusement parks and playgrounds, a measure originally scheduled to take place later this month but it was decided to move the date earlier, citing an improvement in the epidemiological situation of the country.

The decree points out that the relaxations were made possible based on epidemiological data in Cyprus, citing 54.1% of the population having been vaccinated with the 1st dose and 31.9% having completed their vaccination.

Also on Friday, barricades in downtown Nicosia’s checkpoint were removed as Cyprus’ two communities north and south agreed to ease movement restrictions imposed during the COVID pandemic.

Also, from May 28 until June 1, the number of cases was 208 and hospitalizations dropped down between 65-85 daily.

The health ministry also says there were three deaths during the above period while the positivity rate stood close to 0.2%.

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