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Cyprus, Estonia Presidents meet to strengthen ties

Working towards enhanced cooperation and bilateral relations

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In a display of camaraderie and mutual interest, Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides and Estonian President Alar Karis met Wednesday at the Presidential Palace, highlighting the strong bond between their nations despite geographical differences. The leaders pledged to enhance cooperation across various sectors, including investment, cyber security, and maritime affairs.

After their private meeting and extended consultations involving both delegations, President Christodoulides expressed satisfaction with the robust partnership between Cyprus and Estonia, emphasizing that their understanding and collaboration were at an all-time high. He eagerly anticipated reciprocating the Estonian President's visit by leading a Cypriot business delegation to Tallin, fostering closer ties between entrepreneurs from both countries.

President Karis echoed the sentiment, expressing his delight at visiting Nicosia during the 20th anniversary of Estonia and Cyprus joining the European Union. He reiterated Estonia's full support for a reunified Cyprus based on a bicommunal, bizonal federation in line with relevant UN resolutions, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts towards this goal.

Additionally, President Karis commended Cyprus for its humanitarian efforts in Gaza, particularly through the Amalthea Initiative, which aims to deliver much-needed aid by sea. President Christodoulides reaffirmed Cyprus' commitment to regional stability and discussed updates on the Amalthea Plan during their talks.

Both leaders addressed pressing global issues, including the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East, emphasizing the need for de-escalation and a renewed focus on diplomatic solutions. They agreed on the EU's pivotal role in these crises and welcomed the bloc's engagement in the region.

Regarding bilateral relations, President Christodoulides highlighted Estonia's expertise in digital transformation and e-governance, expressing Cyprus' eagerness to learn from Estonia's success. President Karis welcomed opportunities for economic cooperation and offered Estonia's assistance in digitizing Cyprus' public administration.

In response to questions about enhancing bilateral ties, both presidents acknowledged the untapped potential, particularly in tourism and connectivity. They discussed initiatives such as direct flights between their countries to facilitate travel and foster closer economic collaboration.

The meeting between Presidents Christodoulides and Karis underscores the shared values and aspirations of Cyprus and Estonia, paving the way for deeper cooperation and friendship in the years to come.

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