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Cyprus has not discussed endemicity of COVID, Health Minister says

'Test to stay' measure may be introduced to wider society

Source: CNA

The endemicity of COVID has not been on the table in Cyprus, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas said, noting that what has been discussed is learning how to live with the virus.

Speaking to the press Thursday at the Parliament, the Minister said that if the "test to stay" measure, which will be introduced in schools on Monday, yields results, it is likely to be applied to other groups of the population so that we can move to the endemicity phase.

He said that there is a major possibility for scientists to advise that the measure be introduced in society at large, in particular in the health professions and the security forces.

Asked about the protests by the teachers as regards the "test to stay" the Minister said that we respect their disagreements but at the same time we respect the opinions of the specialists who suggested this measure. He noted once again that the aim is to keep schools open.

In a question about the decrease in hospitalizations during the past two days, the Minister said that a further decrease is expected in the next days, based on a briefing he had by the State Health Services Organization. He said that the situation is monitored and assessed daily and if there is a need for new measures, they will be taken. Hadjipantelas also said that the new drugs assist patients so that we do not witness additional hospitalizations.

The Minister said that Pfizer`s new drug is expected in Cyprus by the end of January or the beginning of February.

He also said that tomorrow the EU Health Ministers will have a video conference to discuss the Omicron variant. The Minister said that other EU member states have increased cases in the last few days, but luckily in Cyprus we have taken measures early on and the situation is very good. He said that the situation is evaluated and if new measures need to be introduced or relaxations need to be taken, there will be announcements.

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