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Cyprus makes Russophobia list in Moscow report

Report points to incidences of bulling in schools, real life and cyber stalking, threats of violence, biased media


Cyprus was among countries listed in a Moscow report on attacks and discrimination against Russians living abroad, with allegations on the island ranging from bullying in schools to stalking, threats of violence and financial sanctions.

The Russian Embassy in Cyprus has posted on Facebook a report titled “On Violations of the Rights of Russian Citizens and Fellow Citizens in Foreign Countries,” with the Russian foreign ministry noting that discrimination around the world “was shocking by its absurdity.”

“The specific problems faced by our fellow citizens in a number of countries that had prevailed in the previous year were augmented by overwhelming discrimination of Russians, including diplomats,” the embassy wrote.

Incidences of real life and online discrimination against Russian citizens was predominantly coming from nationalist Ukrainians including expats and war-fleeing refugees currently in Cyprus

According to the report, incidences of discrimination against Russian citizens in Cyprus took place “both in everyday life and on websites,” alleging that aggression was predominantly coming from nationalist Ukrainians including expats and war-fleeing refugees.

“We are aware of incidents of moral and physical pressure on some of our fellow citizens in order to force them to publicly condemn the Russian government's actions and support Ukraine,” the report wrote, adding that stalking and threats were also reported on the island.

The report also said Cypriot law enforcement authorities have vowed to boost security for pro-Russia events, noting that police were investigating allegations and taking measures if they were warranted.

Examples in the report included the tearing of a Russian state flag from a flagpole outside the honorary consul’s office in Limassol, as well as recorded incidents of Russian-speaking school children being bullied by classmates.

The report also highlighted financial challenges for Russians in Cyprus, blaming EU anti-Russian restrictive measures adopted by Nicosia.

Moscow called the measures “unlawful” and said it had recorded incidents of “unauthorized blocking of transfers from non-designated Russian banks.”

The report also took note that politicians including House Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus took part in anti-Russia demonstrations on the island, where Moscow alleges there is “one-sided biased presentation of information about the events in Ukraine, based on Western information agencies' materials.”

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