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Cyprus' natural gas could be key to 'unlocking' the Cyprus problem

Averof Neofytou says Cyprus' natural gas can put billions in state coffers and can be 'our biggest weapon to unlock the Cyprus problem'

Source: CNA

The three candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, Averof Neofytou, Andreas Mavroyiannis and Nikos Christodoulides, outlined their positions at an event on the delimitation of maritime zones in the Eastern Mediterranean", in Nicosia, held on Saturday and organized by the Cyprus Bar Association and the plenum of the Presidents of the Greek Bar Associations.

Neofytou said let us make natural gas our biggest weapon to unlock the Cyprus problem and have natural gas for our own needs and the billions that will arise from it to strengthen the state coffers.

On his part, Mavroyiannis referred to the need to resolve the differences concerning the sea zones in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the wider region, based on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Christodoulides referred to the need for the new government to complete the delimitation of maritime zones, and to continue the hydrocarbon program and exploitation, noting that these elements should be a priority.

Speaking in Limassol, Averof Neofytou said the need for all citizens to be dignified as far as social policy is concerned, is a value base for the Democratic Rally party.

Presenting his program on family support, he said his positions aim for the effective support of people who are in dire need and to strengthen the whole of society. He also called for digitalization, simplification and unifying all benefits to be processed a month after submission. He said he is committed to making the state services available on smartphones in the next three years.

He also said a simple and comprehensive framework to support all children is another policy of his program, adding that his proposals will cover the vast majority of young families, not only the vulnerable but also the middle class and all the children, to some extent.

Speaking to reporters, he also expressed the conviction that the Cyprus economy needs to remain strong at the most difficult time Europe is facing since World War II.

AKEL Secretary General Stephanos Stephanou said that Cyprus needs a government that is honest, has morals and sensibilities and will not fool the people like the DISY government has done in the last ten years.

He said the choice, at the end of the day, is Andreas Mavroyiannis.

Stephanou was speaking during a tour of Nicosia villages Aridiou, Palechori and Mitsero where he said they ascertained that a large part of the society is angry with the situation. On the island and the many problems and deadlocks created by the government.

On his part, Mavroyiannis, speaking at his birthplace Agros, said he is motivated by the sense of obligation for change which is so badly needed on the island.

He also said becoming the president is not an end in itself but a “necessary tool to achieve our goals and visions”. Mavroyiannis also met with delegations of teachers from the Ministry of Education’s evening schools and discussed the work status of teachers and ways to improve education programs.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Nikos Christodouldies, during a tour of the Rizokarpaso, Agia Triada and Apostolos Andreas monastery in the Turkish-occupied north, discussed the problems faced by the enclaved.

Christodoulides attended the morning service with his wife and members of his team.

He was shown around the monastery by Father Zacharias and Archimandrite Georgios who referred to the need to continue the restoration work at the occupied monastery.


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