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Cyprus ready for monkeypox outbreak

The Ministry of Health has prepared protocols in a preemmptive move amid the rising number of monkeypox infections around the world

Source: CNA

Cyprus’ Health Ministry on Friday announced it has prepared protocols for monkeypox after the rising numbers of infections globally, since the beginning of May.

Until May 25, 219 cases have been confirmed, with the Health Ministry saying no monkeypox cases have been recorded in Cyprus so far.

In a press release, the Ministry said that based on the epidemiological data so far, the risk for the general population is low, as the disease is usually mild and self-limited and, relatively, not easily transmitted.

It said that the protocols it has prepared concern the procedure for managing suspicious and confirmed cases, the recording of incidents based on public health protocols (contact tracing, communication with cases, etc.) by the Unit of Epidemiological Surveillance and Infectious Diseases, as well as the procedure for the transportation of suspicious incidents.

According to the protocols, the Nicosia General Hospital will be the reference hospital for suspicious or confirmed monkeypox cases among adults, and the Makarios Hospital will be the reference hospital for cases among children.

They also provide for initiation of procedures for the development of methodologies for laboratory tests for the disease by the microbiological lab of the General Hospital of Nicosia and the molecular virology laboratory of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, as well as agreements with labs abroad, for possible immediate sample shipment.

The Health Ministry has already applied for participation in a joint European procurement for the purchase of a vaccine, as well as for the purchase of antiviral drugs.

The Ministry has also set the procedures on how to manage a possible suspicious incident at the points of entry of the Republic of Cyprus, the press release said.

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