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Cyprus sham marriage ring results in 15 arrests, 21 still wanted

Police investigation widens with arrests and extradition orders in extensive sham marriage and illegal activity network.


In a significant development, the investigation into the sham marriage ring in Cyprus has expanded, according to Police spokesman Christos Andreou. After the arrest of 13 individuals, information has surfaced about the involvement of additional persons, making it a substantial and intricate case. The investigation, initiated in November 2020, has received numerous foreigner files from various agencies. Extradition is expected for a woman from Portugal and another from Latvia. So far, 15 arrests have been made, with 21 others wanted, including four primary suspects. The ring allegedly conducted 133 sham marriages, involving women from Portugal and Latvia, and men from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Besides sham marriages, the ring is accused of money laundering, conspiracy, illegal entry facilitation, forgery, and coercion of victims for illegal residence purposes.

The probe also suggests the involvement of Cypriots, with a law firm and a travel agency under scrutiny. A law firm representative is anticipated to be interrogated for mediating 70 fictitious marriages at Aradippou Town Hall. An arrest warrant has been issued for a Cypriot man, allegedly the owner of three implicated companies. Further investigations involve individuals linked to Immigration Officer documents and an insurance company tied to fake documents. Suspicions extend to a Nicosia travel agency issuing fraudulent insurance documents and airline tickets.

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