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Cyprus wakes up to a frothy surprise

Cappuccino Coast seen on an eastern beach as island continues to get snow higher up


A rare coastal phenomenon known as Cappuccino Coast was captured on video Wednesday morning in Protaras, adding frothy undertones to the island as snow continues to fall high up in the mountains.

Video footage has been making the rounds on social media showing a frothy ocean mixture resembling the foam at the top of a cappuccino, captured early in the morning on Wednesday by Kyriacos Tsiolas according to Sigmalive.

The rare foam phenomenon, which was also recorded last year in Paphos, is not dangerous but swimming is not recommended as it involves ocean impurities.

According to experts, the Cappuccino Coast phenomenon is based on seaweed excretions, plant and animal material, chemicals, and salts that are churned by choppy waves. This creates bubbles trapped under water and they create soft foam when they come to the surface.


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