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Deputy Minister Koumis paves way for more seats to Cyprus

Tourism ambitions soar

Newsroom / CNA

Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis had important contacts in recent days in Stockholm and Helsinki, with the aim of increasing the number of air seats offered to our country for the next year.

A press release from the Deputy Ministry said that Koumis met with leading executives of tourism organizations and airlines that operate tourist programs and routes from the Nordic countries to Cyprus, and exchanged views both for this year and the next.

Developments in four of the five Nordic countries that are linked to Cyprus in terms of tourism, namely Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, were discussed, as well as other issues that would make the country's tourism even more competitive.

In his remarks, the Deputy Minister said that the goal and objective is to achieve an increase in the number of seats offered to Cyprus next year.

"I would say that we are very satisfied with the results of our contacts, and we are very optimistic that our goal will be achieved. After all, it has been known for a few days that Finnair airline is planning to increase the number of seats offered to our country for next year, while we expect a reasonable increase to be achieved by other partners focusing on other countries, perhaps even from new cities, which we also consider important," the Deputy Minister said.

He added these are four markets that have been linked to the country's tourism for many years, as it is known that they have been recording significant numbers of visitors since the 1980s.

He went on to say that what is important for Cyprus is that year after year a reasonable, steady increase in the number of places on offer is achieved and the country is certainly interested in extending the tourist season, as well as strengthening the winter season.

Koumis said that the fact that Finnair decided to maintain the Helsinki - Larnaca flight also during the winter is a great success, but also a challenge, while he considers as extremely important that the degree of satisfaction of both our partners and the thousands of tourists who visited our country were discussed in detail.

"What remains now is the finalisation of our partners' programme and certainly the planning of promotional activities. We should all work collectively and purposefully to bring even better days for our country's tourism," he concluded.

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