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Christodoulides rejects Cyprus solution changes

International community shares firm stance, according to the President

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In a firm stance on the Cyprus issue, President Nikos Christodoulides asserted that altering the foundation of a Cyprus solution is deemed unacceptable, not only by the Greek Cypriot side but also by the international community. He made these remarks while addressing questions from reporters during his arrival at the annual meeting of PwC Cyprus in Limassol.

When questioned about the finalized program for his upcoming trip to New York, President Christodoulides stated that the program had already been made public and did not include a joint meeting with Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar. However, he emphasized ongoing contact with the UN Secretariat and the European Union. In an unconventional move, President Christodoulides arranged meetings with Mr. Michel and the President of the European Commission to explore how their involvement could facilitate discussions with the UN Secretary-General.

Regarding Tatar's insistence on a joint meeting and his views on changing the Cyprus solution's basis, the President firmly reiterated that altering the solution's foundation was "out of the question." He emphasized that this stance was not exclusive to the Greek Cypriot side but also resonated with the broader international community.

Cyprus has remained divided since 1974, following Turkey's invasion and occupation of its northern third. Despite several rounds of UN-led peace talks, none have yielded a resolution. President Christodoulides has introduced an initiative aimed at resuming stalled peace talks under UN auspices and with a more active EU role. In contrast, the Turkish Cypriot side insists on conditions that point towards a two-state solution, contradicting UN resolutions.

The latest UN report on the Good Offices mission in Cyprus emphasizes the importance of reaching an agreement on the appointment of a United Nations envoy to explore common ground for resuming negotiations toward a lasting settlement.

The European Council, in its June conclusions, reaffirmed its commitment to a comprehensive Cyprus problem settlement within the UN framework. It also expressed readiness to actively support all stages of the UN-led peace process using all appropriate means at its disposal.

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