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Disappointing voter turnout in Nicosia

Capital city records lowest participation rate in recent elections, reflecting varied civic engagement across Cyprus


In today's election results, Nicosia saw the lowest voter turnout among all districts, marking a concerning trend in civic participation. According to General Election Supervisor Mr. Elikkos Ilias, the final turnout rate for the double elections, announced after polls closed at 18:00, stood at 50.5%. However, Nicosia registered the lowest turnout at just 38.7%, while other provinces reported higher rates:

- Limassol: 67.5%
- Famagusta: 75.7%
- Larnaca: 69.5%
- Paphos: 75.7%

Abroad, the turnout was 61.5%, contrasting sharply with a mere 5.5% at the Turkish Cypriot Special Election Centres.

Overall, 353,149 citizens out of 698,896 registered voters cast their ballots, reflecting a varied participation rate across regions. Comparatively, turnout in the 2019 European Parliament Members' Elections stood at 45%, while the 2016 Local Government Authority Elections recorded 60.6%.

Excluding special polling stations for Turkish Cypriot voters, the turnout reached 58.3%, compared to 50.7% in 2019 European Parliament Members' Elections.

Regarding Turkish Cypriot participation, 5,676 out of 103,281 registered voters exercised their voting rights.

Abroad, 2,855 individuals voted out of a total of 4,643 registered voters across 17 polling stations.

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