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Doubts raised over detained dog after bite incident

Nicosia Police warn Agios Dhometios public to be on lookout but also advise owners to keep dogs on leash


Nicosia authorities are looking for a dog that may have bitten a child in Agios Dhometios over the weekend, after it became unclear whether a pit bull in police custody matched the description.

Local media said a 10-year-old girl, who was walking with her mother and their small dog in Agios Dhometios over the weekend, was bit by a large dog which also attacked and fatally wounded their pet.

The incident took place on Saturday around noon on Andrea Demetriou Street, where another woman tried to prevent the attack, with reports saying she was also bitten on the hand.

Police on Monday morning said a dog matching a description given by one of the women was taken into custody and was being held at the local station, while the owner of the canine has been tracked down and was expected to return from abroad on Tuesday.

But another witness reportedly told police the dog in custody was not the canine that perpetrated the attack.

A police official told state radio that authorities were still on the lookout for a brown pit bull with a white trim in the front.

The officer also advised members of the public to contact authorities if they see a stray dog matching the description, while also reminding dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash at all times.

It was not established whether the dog in custody was involved in the attack.

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