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Dracos: 'I'm sorry Thanasis' case is only now being investigated after 17 years'

'I can tell you that I am following the case within the scope of my own responsibilities,' said the Minister

Source: CNA

"As a citizen, as a mother, I want to express my regret to Thanasis' mother because only after 17 years has this case begun to unfold," Justice Minister Stephie Dracos said on the case of the death of National Guardsman Thanasis Nikolaou in 2005, saying that she will do everything possible, within her own powers, to solve the case.

The remarks were made by the Justice Minister during a visit to the Lania police station as part of her tour of Limassol's mountainous area. When asked about Thanasis Nikolaou's case, she stated that police investigations and the overall handling of the case are the responsibility of the Attorney General. "Within my own jurisdiction, I can tell you that I am following the case, that I am informed, that it is a matter of interest to me, and that what needs to be done will be done." As a citizen and Thanasis' mother's mother, I express my regret. I am truly sorry because this case is only now coming to light after 17 years. I wish we could go back in time," she said.

Stephie Dracos mentioned a meeting held at her Ministry in the presence of the Minister of Health and the Chief of Police, at which the Forensic Service was discussed, but she did not say whether any decisions were made.

The Minister of Justice was also asked about the upcoming visit of the European Parliament's Surveillance Committee. She stated that no official information had been provided to her. "Officially, I have not received any letter or written notification of this, and I cannot say what is expected from Cyprus or who they wish to meet," Stephie Dracos explained. 

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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